...The stakes are high: by 2009, it is predicted that global digital media market will be worth $1.8 trillion. Along the way there will be winners, losers, and many new stars will be born. Financial Times, Feb 2006
26 November, 2007

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Changing Media Market

Over the past five years traditional media distribution formats yielded to new channels. CD sales are declining with every year, while TV viewers and newspaper readers increasingly turn to the Internet. Technological development dictates the new rules. The world is changing.

Rising Traveller Flow

Global travelling flow is rising. Tourist and business traveller flow is expected to grow by 4% a year over the next several years.

New Market

More and more people are travelling with personal entertainment companions. Mobile phones with media support, Apple iPods, Sony PSPs, handheld computers and other media players are becoming a must-have on a journey.

Digital Audience

A digital consumer audience is forming rapidly. Over 50 million Apple iPods and over 1.5 billion iTunes songs have been sold. People are getting used to consuming digital media -- as well as travelling. Over 1.5 billion passengers are taking to the skies every year. Most of them will soon be in the game.

New Level of Convenience

Waiting for a departure? Resting at the hotel? Taking the train? Just walking around? A MEDIAnywhere kiosk is always near.

New Content

MEDIAnywhere provides a wide range of new media content. Digital music and videos, e books, electronic games, travel information and many other products are now available.

New Media Advertising

Content providers have a unique promotional opportunity of instantly reaching tens of millions of travellers by promoting media products on MEDIAnywhere kiosk screens and offering them for immediate purchase.

New Business for Partners

MEDIAnywhere invites you to join our partnership programs, which will bring you new business. Opportunities include:
  • income from our outlets
  • joint income share programs
  • broad service and product promotion for global audience
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